Domestic Security Services

Event Security

The demand for safety is a very basic human need that let us sleep peacefully, stimulates complacency and creates peace of mind and contentment. Thus, to ensure safety and satisfaction of both visitors and employees as well as facilities and equipment in all event areas, numerous measures have to be taken. We encourage you to put this important task completely into our competent hands. Our employees will ensure, by their presence, their confident behavior and immediate implementation of de-escalating measures, that all visitors would relax and relish your event.


Our services include, inter alia:

  • Traffic management
  • Access control
  • Assurance measures of internal and external security
  • Provision of security staff


Hedging Measures of Particularly Vulnerable Events

As an event organizer you are responsible for the provision and implementation of a detailed event security concept. Especially particularly vulnerable events draw attention by media interest, VIP participants or because of the special event location. Thus, those events are categorized at a higher threat category and require certain measures to be already considered during the planning phase in order to identify security gaps, additional threat potential and to efficiently and effectively implement mitigation measures. We develop a security and service concept together with you that will be tailored to the current and evolving requirements of the event. In addition to general security and safety measures, specifically trained personnel as well as state-of-the-art technical equipment will be deployed.


The following addition services are at your disposal, inter alia:

  • Physical surveillance and intervention teams
  • Deployment of control centre guided monitoring
  • Provision of additional high-standard information and communication equipment
  • Mobile monitoring teams