Personal Protection

Personal Protection includes more than just direct and sometimes visible monitoring of a protected person who, based on the occupational status, the high social recognition or personality requires additional protection. We provide a “safe environment” at a high professional standard that includes numerous interrelated processes and protective measures. The scope of these protective measures is based on the evaluation of the individual risk assessment which has been jointly developed, together with you. The reliably and discreetly realized personal protection mainly serves both an increased subjective feeling of safety and prevention. In this context, private living area as well as work area of the protective person is an integral part in the efficient implementation of our security concept.


Our employees are intensively trained and have command of long years of experience in the field of security business. They act discreetly, decisively and innovatively. This includes a classy self-presentation, polite appearance and readiness to work outside regular working hours. Our goal is to provide our services with a limited impairment of our clients´ private freedom of movement.


In addition to the use of state-of-the-art electronic equipment, our employees have the following qualifications:

  • Guarding Permit in accordance with §34a German Trade Regulation
  • Certified arm expert knowledge in accordance with §7 German Arms Act
  • Driver safety and self-defense training, robust physical capacity
  • Continuous in-house training
  • Advanced life support training (paramedic level)