Security Services Abroad

The demand for private security services in a complex environment has doubled since 2016. PASOS-Security has many years of experience on missions in crisis regions worldwide. We provide security services to internationally active corporate clients. Our main focus is on conceptual consulting regarding employee safety and site security, including extended personal protection and guarding services. The main goal of our comprehensive security concept is targeted prevention, professional emergency support including evacuation measures. The service encompasses evaluation of information, ranging from pandemic and crime, to healthcare, terrorist threat and strike. It also includes a cooperative security management directly on the ground. Together with you, we coordinate risk mitigation measures, travel security and analysis of living as well as work environment, including risk assessment of transport routes. Moreover, we provide active support in training of local security support staff and coordinate measures with foreign agencies and authorities.


Our security concepts provide a safe environment for your business activities and your employees. We provide opportunities for your company based on our successful risk management. But even on very short notice we are able to provide efficient support.


Our services include, inter alia:

  • Security management, including provision of operational and logistical support
  • Travel security, including personal protection
  • Advice in the selection of project location and their security
  • On-site security of construction sites, installations and camps
  • Advanced medical support through extended paramedical qualifications of our staff
  • Emergency and evacuation measures
  • Support for employees following a crisis